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VR Legal Evidence is a legal tech company created by Edgardo Sobenes.

It implements virtual reality technology for the preparation and presentation of evidence. Our strategically designed evidence allow the audience to understand the information like never before, in an immersive, accurate and unbiased experience.

About Us

VR Legal Evidence (VRLE)  implements virtual reality technology for the preparation and presentation of evidence for the use of governments, companies, international and national courts, international organizations, non-governmental organizations and consultants.

VRLE is headed by professionals with experience in international politics, diplomacy, and litigation before international courts and tribunals, including the International Court of Justice and the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea. We work with experts in virtual reality technology, mapping, GIS, digital art/design software, photogrammetry 3D, filming, production, and editing of audiovisual information, including 3D/2D- 360°/180° image and video.

The combination of professional skills and experience puts VRLE in a unique position to provide a holistic service, from the conception, preparation, and selection of evidence to its final presentation.

The head office of VRLE is located in The Hague, the legal capital of the world, and offers its services around the world.

How it works

VRLE helps users understand patterns, relationships, and geographic contexts, by displaying evidence in a format that allows for an immersive true-to-life experience by any person in any place into a physical reality that could be thousands of kilometres away, bringing evidence to life and ensuring favorable judgments for our clients. We achieve this by carrying out  critical assessments of the evidence and objectives of each of our clients on the basis of four different skill sets: strategic assessment, legal assessment, technological knowledge, and video production. 

VRLE supplies the software and hardware necessary for the conception and display of the evidence. All presentations are synchronized and can be presented simultaneous on one or multiple VR headsets, in one location or across the world. VRLE ensures unified device management, network security,  and data protection.

What can VR Legal Evidence do for you?

We prepare the evidence and bring it to life by using two important technologies: 360-degree (panorama) videos and virtual reality.


360-degree videos are immersive videos recorded in all directions, giving a complete 360-degree view of a space, situation or experience. At VRLE we use VR headset technology to view panorama videos to recreate the sensation of ‘being there’ and immerse the user into the evidence. This technology is essential for evidence (e.g.) concerning environmental and climate disputes, international water disputes, law of the sea, use of force, rivers disputes, human rights violations and more.


Virtual Reality is ‘the computer‐generated simulation of a three‐ dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment’ (OED). Instead of viewing the evidence on a screen, users are immersed and able to interact with 3D worlds. This technology is fundamental for evidence concerning (e.g) maritime and territorial delimitation, law of the sea, construction arbitrations and more.

Other examples of how we can assist you are:

  • 2D - 180° video presentations before international organizations, international conferences, high-level meetings, and others.

  • Audiovisual support to expert reports (e.g. conflict zones, oil spill, maritime features, and more).

  • Assistance to counsels in explaining complex legal and factual scenarios in court proceedings.

  • Remote expert witness testimony.

  • Recreation of on-site visits and remote assessment.

  • Immersive and animated cartographic presentations.

  • 3D mapping and online VR visualization.

Our company ensures that the material produced is accurate and unbiased, in accordance with the highest standards and rules on evidence of international courts and tribunals, and provides security requirements based on industry best practices.

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